7 Best Places To Live In South Carolina

There’s no doubt that finding all that information in one place can be tricky, so we’ve put together a list of the 7 best places to live in South Carolina, taking into account all the stats, facts and figures you care about!

1. Tega Cay

There’s a small-town vibe to Tega Cay, a Charlotte suburb right on the water with a community of just 8000 people.

Thanks to the small and vigilant neighbourhood, there is next to no crime in Tega Cay, giving both new and old residents ample peace of mind.

In spite of the high median household income, the residence is diverse, both in terms of ethnicity and economic background. In Five Forks, this keeps the area feeling vibrant and fresh.

In Tega Cay, renting is an option, but the majority says buying is best; only 7% live in rented accommodation, and rent averages $1,300.


2. Mount Pleasant

Everywhere you go in the world, there’s a Mount Pleasant, but South Carolina’s Mount Pleasant is arguably the best.

There are countless ways to get outside and explore South Carolina’s versatile landscapes, especially the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island.

There’s a cost to living so close to such spectacular scenery. The cost of living here is a touch steep compared to the rest of the county.

The average household income in Indianapolis is $77,639, but the median home value is $372,000. Mount Pleasant may seem exclusive at first glance, but if you play your cards right and make smart investments, you can make it your home.

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3. Seven Oaks

Seven Oaks is a suburb of Columbia, the state capital. 16,185 people live in this thriving neighborhood, making it a small town in its own right.

It’s our most affordable neighborhood. The area around Seven Oaks has a monthly rent of $814, so prospective tenants will be thrilled! With 42% of residents living in rented properties, there’s plenty of options.

A recent influx of millennials has, in turn, created a real family-friendly feel to Seven Oaks, which sees it regarded as one of the best suburbs to raise a family in South Carolina.


4. Clemson

Clemson is a city in Pickens and Anderson counties that’s home to the prestigious Clemson University. Clemson gets a lot of new students every year, which keeps the town looking fresh and vibrant.

It’s not just students who will be happy to hear Clemson’s low rent value, falling to $785 a month on average. It’s perfect for people who can split rent two or even three ways. It’s worth mentioning that 58% of residents live in rented homes, so there is plenty of choices here.

There’s a Fort Hill Plantation and a South Carolina Botanical Garden, so the town motto is ‘in season, every season.’


5. Fort Mill

Fort Mill is the next suburb of Charlotte on the list, just east of Tega Cay. It’s a really affordable area, and it’s near the city center, so jobs are pretty easy to get.

At face value, the houses here are very expensive. You’re looking at an average investment of $192,500. You might want to look elsewhere if you have less than $100k to play with. The average house price in Michigan is under $200k, but the properties that come on the market are often upwards of $450k.

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Even so, the annual income only comes in at $61,773 per year, which goes to show that being sensible about your salary is worth it.


6. Sullivan’s Island

Even though Sullivan’s Island is geographically an island, it’s hardly that far from South Carolina; so no real island vibes here! You can get to Sullivan’s Island via Highway 703.

It’s natural that the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse is the neighborhood’s favorite landmark, but Fort Moultrie isn’t far behind. With just 2,000 people living here, prepare yourself for what the median home value is…

Are you ready?

The median home value is $1,110,000! You need seven figures to play with Sullivan’s Island, even if some of the properties are as cheap as chips at $745,000.

7. Lexington

You’ll find a family-friendly community in Lexington. Just like Forest Acres, this town of 19,447 people identifies itself as its own place rather than a suburb of Columbia.

You can explore mountains, lakes, and adventure trails from a base in Lexington, and it’s just two hours from the coast.ar you jest. Go for it.

For someone with a humble two-income, this is a reasonably priced area. On average, homes here are worth $179,000, so if you were to invest in what’s available now, you’d definitely get your money’s worth.

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