ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Boulder For Urban Camping Ban

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Baudelaire, Colorado. On Thursday, the Colorado Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Boulder for breaching city camp barriers.

The ACLU says the lawsuit was filed on behalf of resident and non-resident plaintiffs and specifically targeted two Boulder orders that banned camping in a publicly owned tent and sleeping outdoors with a blanket that wasn't clothing. .

"In recent years, Boulder has cut funding for the shelter, providing millions of dollars to help enforce the homeless criminal law. As a result, the ACLU claims the city has been making homeless people live overseas." the ACLU said in a statement. when they have nowhere else to go it's a crime. "

The ACLU also says that more than 250 people have been denied shelter in Boulder since last summer.

"Hunger is surrounded by stigma," said Jennifer Levovich, one of the plaintiffs. "For too long, our Boulder camp ban, better known as our blanket ban, has been the city's response to local, state and national failure to address homelessness."

Levovich, who was once homeless, runs the non-profit organization Feet Forward to help those in need. He hardly called for the Boulder ban.

"Instead of helping those in need, the vast majority of those seeking help receive little or no help," Levovich said.

In response to the lawsuit, the Boulder City Council sent the following statement to Denver 7:

"We have just received the lawsuit and are discussing it. The city will comment on the lawsuit in due course through its documents," he added.

The ban on frontline urban campaigns has raised legal issues.

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Denver's 10-year ban was followed by ten lawsuits. A judge recently overturned the City of Denver's request to ban homeless people within 72 hours of receiving a complaint from a resident.

In March, the city of Aurora imposed a ban on traveling around the city.

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