Benefits of Following Certified A/B Tax Brevet (Brevet Pajak A/B Bersertifikat)

For those of you who are looking for a certified A/B tax brevet (Brevet Pajak A/B Bersertifikat), surely you want to improve your skills and get a better job, right? If so, it is very important to find out the benefits of a tax brevet and a recommendation for the course.

In general, a tax brevet is a course or training activity to learn different levels of taxation. Usually people only know about VAT or PPh taxes, even though there are many other types of taxes.

Well, through a tax brevet course, you will learn everything related to taxes or mandatory deposit contributions collected by the government.

Tax Brevet Level

Certified A/B Tax Brevet

There are several levels to the tax brevet. You can decide to take a tax brevet course according to the needs of the career you are currently pursuing. The following are the tax brevet levels, namely:

1. Tax Brevet A

The first level for tax brevet is Brevet A. Tax brevet A is a level of tax training that discusses personal income tax.

Some of the materials you will learn include General Tax Provisions (KUP), Personal Income Tax (PPh 21), PPN and PPnBM, land and building tax (PBB), Stamp Duty, BPHTB and tax accounting.

2. Tax Brevet B

The next level in the tax brevet is Brevet B. Tax brevet B is a level of tax training that covers basic to intermediate content.

The topics discussed are also almost the same as Brevet A, only in this section we will discuss in more detail the mandatory levies for entities or companies. Discussion about KUP, PPN and PPnBM, Corporate Income Tax, VAT SPT and electronic PPh.

Generally, brevet course organizers will combine these two levels into one class. For example, the one organized by Arkademi in its course class is called a certified A/B tax brevet.

3. Tax Brevet C

Finally, Brevet C is a level of tax training whose curriculum content discusses intermediate to advanced taxation on International Taxation.

This class will discuss personal and corporate income tax, international taxes, and other advanced topics. Usually the course organizers provide special requirements to be able to take Brevet C class, which is to pass Brevet A/B first.

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Benefits of Following Certified A/B Tax Brevet

Those of you who are looking for the A/B Tax Brevet class probably already know some of the benefits that will be obtained if you have this certificate, right? By having a brevet certificate, your job prospects will be wide open and can increase your income.

There are several benefits that you can get by taking brevet classes, namely:

1. Increase Job Opportunities for Fresh Graduates

The first benefit that can be felt by those who follow the A/B Tax Brevet is that they can increase their chances of being accepted for work. Especially for those of you who have just graduated or are fresh graduates.

By taking brevet classes, you can attach the certificates obtained as a portfolio. Of course this is a plus in the eyes of HRD.

2. Increase Knowledge for Employees and Top Management

For those of you who are currently working in the finance or tax department, it is important to take a Brevet course because the knowledge can be a provision at work and be considered for promotion.

In addition to employees, you who are in Top Management also need to take this course because it can be knowledge to control employees at the Middle and Lower Management levels.

3. Become a Competent Tax Consultant

The next benefit that you will get when you take a Brevet class is that you can become a competent tax consultant. While taking this class you will learn to prepare for a series of USKP tests or exams. This test can show that you are worthy of becoming a consultant.

Do you have aspirations to work in a tax consulting firm? Prepare from now on by taking a brevet course. One of the recommended tax brevet courses that you can take is Arkademi.

Arkademi is a place for A/B tax brevet courses that have received official permission from the Course and Training Institute (LKP) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology.

You can take this Arcademies brevet course online, study anytime, can study via the web or app, and of course get an official certificate. The curriculum that has been prepared has also met national standards. Come on, take a certified A/B tax brevet class now!