Can You Change Your Travel Insurance Plan After You Buy It?

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Erica Lamberg – Forbes Consultant

Experienced travelers know that their vacation budget should include travel insurance and buy a policy when booking their trip. This gives you the longest coverage time and allows you to take advantage of the coverage that needs to be added as soon as you make your first flight deposit.

However, many changes may occur before you leave, such as: B. Your travel plan. You may decide to modify your flight plan by changing your flight, or you may want to stay longer than the original plan. Or you made a mistake when filling in the price or the date of purchase of the package.

It is relatively easy to change your travel insurance details if your flight changes. This is how it is done.

The type of travel insurance change you can make

Below are examples of changes you may want to make to your travel insurance plan after purchase

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  • You can correct errors and change the flight cost, travel destination, travel date and number of passengers up to about one day before departure.
  • Claims may be rejected due to errors in your policy information.
  • If you make a change before the trip that increases the cost of your trip, your insurance premium will increase.
  • You can change the flight in the middle of your itinerary and get full coverage as long as the changes are within the cost of the original flight.
  • You cannot change

  • You cannot change the cost of an insured flight during your travels. So if you change your itinerary through a more expensive hotel, flight or flight, chances are you won't be completely covered by the prepaid non-refundable deposit.
  • You will not be able to extend the date of your flight upon departure, and will only cover emergencies covered by your package. For example, if you have a plan that provides sick, injured or specially extended coverage, you may be able to extend your flight coverage, which is rare.
  • Law Enforcement Officer: Travel insurance change before departure

    Most travel insurance companies allow you to change travel costs, destinations, number of people on the policy, and travel dates up to the day before departure.

    Even if you don't make any changes, it's a good idea to check your travel insurance policy as soon as you receive one to make sure the information you provide is correct.

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    "Travelers often change their policy to update personal information or to fix minor issues such as incorrect names or incorrect birth dates," said Sarah McWilliams Guerra, a spokeswoman for Squaremouth, a travel insurance provider for comparison.

    Another common pre-departure change, he said, is adding optional coverage or upgrades.

    The following optional coverage and upgrades are usually added within 15 days of booking your flight:

  • Upgrade cancellation for any reason: You can cancel your trip for any reason other than those mentioned in your insurance policy, cancellation coverage for any reason usually pays 50% out of 75% of the trip cost.
  • Discounts from pre-existing medical exclusions: If you purchase travel insurance while your first flight is on file, you can get a discount from pre-existing medical conditions. Provides protection for your past health problems.
  • Cut for any reason Upgrade: If you want to shorten your trip and get home early no matter what, you can sometimes buy insurance for any reason and get 75% back on your trip. Some travel insurance companies currently offer this option.
  • Travel Change: Change the travel insurance date before departure

    You can change your travel insurance before you travel as long as it is still covered by the policy.

    "In some cases, if we receive your request before your flight departure date, we may be able to reschedule the flight," said Angela Borden, spokeswoman for Seven Corners Travel Insurance.

    Keep in mind that travel insurance costs increase when you make changes that increase coverage, such as: b. A longer insurance period or higher flight costs.

    Can you change the trip in the middle of a travel insurance trip?

    If you are already on your way, you can change the tour, activity and travel. However, you are not fully covered for non-refundable prepaid charges which add up to the overall cost of your trip.

    “You cannot change the sum insured fare after the scheduled departure date of your flight. If you are already traveling and you are replacing a cheaper flight with a more expensive one, you may not be fully insured for the difference in fares, ”Borden said.

    Can you extend your travel insurance date?

    If you enjoy your vacation and decide that you want to stay out of the date of your actual flight, you will not be able to extend the date of your travel insurance coverage unless you purchase an optional extension upgrade.

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    "In most cases, you can't extend the plan unless you cancel your trip," Borden told Seven Corner.

    However, he said a quid-related quarantine could be an exception. If your travel insurance plan covers Covid and you need to quarantine after a positive test, your plan may extend coverage for an additional 5-10 days. Be sure to check your policies for specific time rules.

    "In addition to the Covid benefits, many plans allow you to extend coverage for several days – seven days and 10 days in general – if your return is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances or factors listed in the plan," said Borden. If the plans do not allow you to add extra insurance days, you will decide to extend your trip, without compelling reasons.

    It is not uncommon for a travel insurance plan to extend the date of coverage once the trip has started. However, Allianz Travel Insurance's OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan offers post-departure benefits for more spontaneous travelers who don't have a lot of prepaid, non-refundable activity and who want the freedom to stay longer at their destination, says Daniel. Talk to the alliance.

    What if you don't renew your travel insurance?

    Borden said it is important to update the details of the travel insurance policy to accurately reflect who is traveling and when. Otherwise the request may be denied.

    In case of loss, you can also get less compensation. For example, a trip cancellation benefit and a trip cancellation benefit will offset a percentage of your trip costs, so you need to have the right amount of coverage. Changes are especially important if you travel long distances or add destinations that were not originally planned and were included in your policy.

    When does the travel insurance notice expire?

    Most, but not all, policies, and it may vary according to state rules, have a "free review period", Borden said, adding that you can take your time to review the policy. If you decide that you do not want it, you can cancel it for refund until you have complained or departed for your flight.

    “The free viewing period starts from the date of purchase and its length may vary by plan and provider,” he said. Check out the planning documents or ask before buying to learn more about the duration of the free research. The general free viewing period is 14 days. "

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    How to change a travel insurance policy

    You can change your travel insurance plan:

  • Call the customer service number listed in your policy.
  • Use your travel insurance company's app if available.
  • Make changes online to the company's website if they offer this service.
  • "Contact the travel insurance provider as soon as possible and tell them what you need to change," Borden told Seven Corner.

    What to look for in a comprehensive travel insurance

    A comprehensive travel insurance package with valuable benefits that can protect you and your travel and real estate investment. An analysis by Forbes Advisors on travel insurance costs shows that travel insurance accounts for about 5% to 6% of travel costs. Here are the types of coverage you can find in a solid travel insurance plan:

  • Trip Cancellation: If you have to cancel due to reasons covered by your policy, Trip Cancellation Insurance will refund a prepaid non-refundable deposit.
  • Travel Delay: If you are delayed due to an insurance problem, Travel Delay insurance will cover the extra costs that you will pay for your hotel stay, meals and other extra expenses. It can also refund non-refundable deposits lost due to delay such as B. Non-refundable hotel nights.
  • Trip Interruption: If you interrupt your trip for reasons covered by your policy, Trip Interruption Travel Insurance covers all non-refundable costs for missed activity and unused accommodation. In an emergency, it can also cover the cost of a return flight.
  • Medical bills and medical evacuation: If you become ill or injured while traveling, travel medical insurance under your policy can pay for doctor and hospital bills, medicines, X-rays and more. In case of emergency evacuation, the ambulance can be taken to the nearest appropriate medical facility.
  • Luggage & Personal Items: If your luggage or personal items are lost, stolen or damaged during your travels, Luggage Insurance may refund you for the reduced value of your items up to the limit of your policy.
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