Why Working Together with Coconut Product Supplier from Indonesia Would be the Best Option?

Why is it considered profitable and beneficial to work together with professional coconut product supplier from Indonesia? Indonesia is known as one of the biggest coconut products (including coconut derivatives) in the world. In fact, it is the biggest player in the business. That’s why it is only logical to form a partnership with the supplier from the country. After all, if you want to get in touch with the experts, this would be the logical step to take.


The Specialty of Coconut Product Indonesia – coconut product supplier from indonesia

Indonesia is the home to millions of hectares of land, filled with coconut trees. Coconut itself is packed with limitless benefits. Every part of the tree and fruit can be consumed, processed, and manufactured. Coconut meat is edible. The water is fresh and healthy. The shell can be manufactured and transformed into crafts and accessories and eating utensils, such as spoon, bowls, lampshade, pen stand, and others. For the husk, you can transform it into floor and mattresses components, brushes, doormats, and others.

coconut product supplier from indonesia

What makes the Indonesian coconut products more special when compared to the others? They typically come in premium quality; only offered in the highest standard level. The manufacturing process and the quality checking have to go through a strict mechanism and quality control that is set and monitored by the government. It is done to make sure that only the most premium and the best products are offered to the global and foreign markets.

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Why Indonesian Coconut Products?

The reason why you should choose Indonesian coconut products is because they are simply the best. Indonesia has around 3.7 million hectares of plantation, and it stretches across the archipelago. You can surely find all kinds of coconut types and variants. All coconuts are good, but some specific coconut types have certain benefits and more potent contents when compared to others.


Not to mention that they are all grown through the most natural way possible, resulting not only in organic product, but also in the most beneficial outcome. They are abundant in numbers without sacrificing quality.

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Kelapalapa Specialties

Not only Kelapalapa is able to provide various products of (processed) coconut derivative, but they are also closely working with coconut manufacturers, plantations, and productive farmers throughout the country. As a professional and expert trading company, not only they can provide the best service, but they are also able to offer you different options suited for your requirements.


They want to introduce Indonesian coconut products, including the derivative, to the world; letting the world know about the rich natural heritage of the country. They welcome global importers with open arms, encouraging them to form a solid partnership and work together.


Some of the main offers include coconut sugar, charcoal briquette, coconut fiber, and coir pith, although you are free to choose other options or alternatives that meet your needs. Each of them has their own winning qualities. This is one of the many reasons why you should reach out to them and have a thorough discussion.

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Feel free to explore their official website at The Best coconut product indonesia so you can have a clearer image and idea of Kelapalapa and their specialties. Not only you can get the best coconut product Indonesia, but you can also form a solid partnership with one of the most expert professionals in the industry.

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