Fathers Day Gift Guide: The Coolest Camping Gear For Dad

Best Father S Day Gifts 2022
Best Father S Day Gifts 2022

For dads who love nature walks, a camp band is a great gift for Father's Day. Finally, Father's Day falls in June, which is a great time to plan a trip to family camp or send your dad on a hiking adventure. And many dads also appreciate a well-functioning piece of equipment, which goes for everything on this list. From tech sleeping bags to portable fire pits, the following gifts for Father's Day are sure to impress the dad in your life.

Effort 25 Otterbox Refrigerator, $229

For dads with heavy fridges, this Otterbox Venture 25 fridge is perfect for spending a weekend at camp or at the beach. With a capacity of 25 liters, this refrigerator weighs only 16 kilograms and can store ice for up to 2 weeks, making it perfect for traveling (or just showing off!). The sturdy structure is moveable and has a heavy lock to keep out animals, including bears. As a bonus, the sloping inner shelf of the fridge makes emptying easier, and the outer bottle opener packs less stuff dad can travel with.

Original Yellowstone National Park Towel by Nomadix, $44.95

When it comes to camping gear, the more compact it is, the better. Designed by Nomadix, this original Yellowstone National Park towel weighs just a pound, folds into a small bag of partially filled beach towels, and actually works. It's also sand-resistant and dries quickly, which is an added benefit when camping. The original Nomadix towels come in a variety of eye-catching designs, including National Park amusement trails. Made from recycled materials after consumption, it will also satisfy the eco-conscious shoppers on your gift list.

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Spark Ultralight Mummy Sleeping Bags Summit, $269-589

This mummy bag filled with Sea To Summit Spark Ultralight fur is surprisingly wide for a mummy bag while maintaining warmth. It's incredibly light and compact enough to fit in a bag the size of a water bottle, making it perfect for walking (or in the back of the car when things are shrinking). ). What's more, high quality gas springs with responsive springs make this sleeping bag comfortable.

Ultra 3R sleeping pillow from EXPED USA, $149.95

A comfortable bed is the key to a successful camping trip and this EXPED USA Ultra 3R sleeping pillow provides the comfort you need for a good night's sleep. Lightweight and compact enough to carry in a backpack, the mattress also has the insulation needed to provide warmth at night. Environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate that the mats are made from recycled materials and are certified carbon neutral. Plus, the mattress expands easily with the innovative Schnozzel pump bag that protects against moisture.

FirePit+ by BioLite, $299.95

What's a trip to a homeless camp? This BioLite FirePit+ not only offers a safe and easy way to start a fire, it also doubles as a hibachi grill, perfect for cooking under the stars. With the patented Airflow technology, you can enjoy all this without the characteristic smoke of fire. Dads will love the technical features: the height of the fire can be controlled remotely with the BlueTooth program and the design helps burn wood or charcoal efficiently. Its compact design makes it easy to carry, but large enough to gather around a fire floor and marshmallow chips.

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LifeStraw Peak Series 1L Foldable Bottle, Filtered, $37.95

Most dads love beautiful survival kits and this LifeStraw Peak 1L series folding glass is sure to appeal to them. Whether you're a shovel pack lover or a training survivor, this LifeStraw water bottle is just what you need to safely drink the water you find along the way. LifeStraw filters bacteria, parasites and microplastics to make drinking water. It's also very versatile – the filter can be used alone or in combination with a straw water bottle. And LifeStraw is not only B-Corp certified carbon neutral, it also provides clean drinking water to children in need year-round with every product purchased.

Ibex Natural Men's Boxer $55

The campground doesn't require laundry, so it's important to pack the right clothes. This men's boxer from Ibex is made of antimicrobial merino wool which is windproof and absorbs moisture for a long time. They are also very gentle and my dad will appreciate that.

Kayak entry, $949

Inspired by origami, the Inru Oru Kayak comes packaged in a small box that fits in a trunk or cupboard for compact storage. And weighing only 20 pounds, it's easy to carry. Designed for use in calm waters, these skis are perfect for lakeside camping and so much fun that you'll be amazed at how easy they are to set up and operate.

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