Jamie Campbell Bower Breaks Silence On Topsecret Stranger Things Role In Season 4


Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4.

Jamie Campbell apologizes to Bauer Stranger Things fans.

When Netflix announced him on the cast for the fourth season, he was regularly mentioned in the Peter Ballard series. The character comes to the fore with a vague description: "A caring man working as a caretaker in a psychiatric hospital. Tired of the atrocities he witnessed day by day, will Peter finally accept the job?"

"I don't know where Peter Ballard's name came from," Campbell said in his first interview with EW after the show. "I can only apologize to the fans of the show for being part of the magnificent Red Herring. I remember looking at it and saying, 'Well, friends.' Applause to the party line "I said."

The Twilight and Deadly Tools star hasn't spoken about her real role in a long time, but she finally revealed herself after referring to the episode's credits as "Friendship Regular." The actor played a role, said the first mental child. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) gave us eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) to open the event.

The birth of Brenner Henry Krill uses his extraordinary ability to intimidate his family before going to the establishment. When he grew up, a doctor, once known as "Pope", put a tool around the child's neck to stifle his energy and forced him to work as a laboratory worker. But when someone manipulates Eleven to destroy him, he kills almost everyone, expressing his telekinetic rage. Eleven people managed to overtake him. In doing so, he overturns a portal that someone accidentally trapped for years, a traumatic memory blocked by the Eleven. Today, man travels to Vekna, a demo creature that uses his psychic powers to capture and kill Hawkins teenagers.

the story continues

Campbell finally opened his mouth about the role of Henry / One / Weckner. And yes, he wears Vekna prostheses and makes deep Vekna sounds.

Netflix; Cindy Ord / Getty Images Jamie Campbell broke Bauer's silence over his role in the fourth season of the secret series Strange Things.

Weekly Fun: I know that everyone who participates in Stranger Things generally prefers to keep their privacy close to their vest. I wonder how much you know about this character during the audition?

Jamie Campbell Bower: I don't know anything. First I was sent two sets. One is Primal Fear and the other is Hellerizer. Then they sent me some fictional aspects of the show to remind me, there is more information about the character, but not much. [Scene] Chris is killed in the end. Then I went to Los Angeles and went crazy. I made one of those detective mind maps and put Will Byers in the middle, and then all the other characters, and what I thought was right from an inspirational point of view. Then I was invited to meet Matt and Ross Duffer, and he brought me a small folder with all these photos. I was very calm during the meeting. It's one of those things where you say, "Shut up, everything's going to be fine." As we talked about getting to know each other, I thought, "Listen, I have a book about what I think about these characters. Do you think I'll show you something?" I showed them the book and they said, "Have you read the script? It's perfect." So they ran to the back room of the house where they were writing and came back with all these magnificent 3D images and told more about the story of Vecna, Henry and One. I've always seen Henry's journey: sweet, sweet, sweet, clever, cunning, cunning, manipulation, manipulation, transformation, disgust, murder.

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He is curious about the initial fear and hell. Were the two works in this show very influential?

Primary fear, less. Hellraiser, I love it. I love Clive Barker. Absolutely embarrassing, I love all Hellraisers. Third, I think it may be my favorite, but it's great to work with Matt and Ross. Your link is beautiful and bright and I love it. I was like, "Yeah, Heller Riser, I'm going to get something, a little Freddie [Kruger]." But not so much Freddie, as Robert [England] Freddie plays, he has a chaotic power. I see this hatred with Vekna, it makes me very angry. Did you know that when you go crazy, you try to tremble and keep yourself together? That's what I got. For Henry, I'm really talking about something more practical: what I can get from myself and the people I know. He was a stranger, and loneliness, not accepting and not seeing the lies his parents told him, and the world was a lie. I finally started, and then I had to go back and think. He really felt that way, but what was his past, and how did he manipulate Eleven and his surroundings to get what he wanted? Sweetness is a very unstable process that involves all the foggy anger.

When your casting is first announced, you are in contact with a character named Peter Ballard, who has a very vague character description. Do you know where the name comes from?

I don't know where the name Peter Ballard comes from. I apologize to the fans of the show for being a part of such a huge red herring. I looked at him and said, "Okay, guys. Thank you! It would be hard if someone asked me, but I'm just going through the party line."

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Do you use Vekna prostheses and do dubbing?

Yes, all this sounds very bad to me. It seems that BT is not for me either. It's all mine. Ninety percent practical. The only impossible thing is the screw that moves around the neck. Sound is an interesting thing. It took me a minute to get it. I worked hard on Henry and One before reading. I know how Vecna ​​is, but I still don't have a voice. As the word develops, I will send Matt and Rossa their own audio recording of vampire music like a nightmare below. I have a lot of videos of this on my computer … well, I'm wrong, I'm naked. It's funny. I was at the ADR a few weeks ago for an event, and the engineer said, "There's this octave distortion for you." "No, we don't," I said. He said, "What do you mean?" And I like, "It's just me." It's like, "Yeah, whatever. Go on." I did, and he said, "Okay. Yeah. I canceled the eighth. It's out now." But it was difficult when we were filming. It was very difficult for me to hear exactly because the suit covered her ears and the ear canals were very small. I feel it, but there is always a wing and a sentence that says, "I think it's good. I hope it's good."

Vekna, the new demo creature of Netflix, was released in the last trailer of the fourth season of "Strange Things".

How does wearing a prosthesis affect your physical performance as Vecna?

Vecna's physical components arrived early. I knew I would have that long goal. I looked at my hand for hours, stretching my fingers even more and dreaming of playing with it a lot. There was a certain comfort about him. Everything is very systematic. I would spend my time walking or jogging in downtown Los Angeles. There were other good things that came to mind while filming. It comes from inside. I feel the need to draw energy from my body, so I completely fill the space from the point of view. I remember they came to Weckner's mind and looked at the size and said, "God, this is a giant! I really have to own 100 percent of this place." Then, when I put on the dress, I developed a sensitivity in my brain. The hand is a beautiful object that contains all these metal threads, so the fingers are very impressive. Then you have weight at a practical level. It weighs about 35-40lbs, is unloaded, but when used for 10 hours and the main load is on your shoulders and head, how do you protect it from falling? There's also a Kubrickian look I want to bring in.

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We still don't know much about Henry's evolution in Vekna. We don't really know how he got from a lab rat to a goalkeeper. How much do you know about this background or how do you get involved?

I know a lot about this and I think so. It is important that you have it, I do not find it as a community. I need to know how badly Brenner worked with him and why he kept this tyrant behind his neck. I need to know all this to watch the story.

We have two more episodes that will be in the second volume at the end of this year. All indications are that he is preparing for a rematch between One and Eleven. How would you describe these last two episodes compared to what people saw in Volume I?

I will take the party line here. Grow up If you think it's not as big as it could be. Apparently, in terms of plot and emotionally for all the characters, it goes above and beyond. This is a very explosive culmination, we can say. I know a lot of people have used the words bang, scope, and scale, but I mean it. It goes further and we know more. In these last two episodes, we have learned more as spectators.

Does this include Henry's past more?

I do not know. Sometimes I consider myself a politician. Learn more about all the characters.

This is likely to cause a similar reaction, but we know that Season 5 will end. Is there talk of a return for him?

I talked about where the show went in season 5. I can't give you a spoiler or say anything, but I know something.

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume I is currently available on Netflix. (Read our full summary.) Volume II will be presented on July 1.

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