Memorial Day Weekend 2022: The Absolute Worst Time To Start Driving, Plus More Travel Tips

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Are you driving from Phoenix this weekend on Memorial Day, but worried about the crowds on the roads? This is quite understandable.

Remembrance Day is traditionally one of the busiest times of the year in Arizona. For many it has been a long weekend, many schools have closed and families are ready to embark on their summer adventure.

Here are some tips that you can follow before you take your car and head out the door to make your trip memorable for all the right reasons.

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Is your car ready to go?

Before embarking on a long journey, the Arizona Department of Transportation recommends determining what you need in case of an emergency and making sure your vehicle is ready for the road.

"We call on drivers to prepare in advance, including checking tire pressure and engine oil levels," ADOT spokesman Doug Nintzel said in an email.

Waiting for the unexpected. In case of an unplanned accident, you will need to take an ambulance with additional water, blankets, flashlights and snacks. This could be due to a defective car, an accident or even a forest fire. If you get stuck in traffic for a while, it will put you at ease. ”

ADOT recommends packing the following items for safety and convenience during long journeys:

  • So.

  • Blankets: It can be used to warm yourself up if your car breaks down, sits outside or gets stuck in cold weather.

  • Non-old food.

  • A fully charged mobile device and a power cord to charge the phone in your car.

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  • Extra clothes and jackets when traveling to the highlands.

  • First aid.

  • Ready to travel? How to prepare a car for a summer trip

    Be prepared for heavy traffic on I-17, SR 87

    ADOT expects heavy traffic on the highway to the highlands while people travel to Flagstaff, Prescott, Payson and Shaw Low, as well as other states. Traffic will start on Thursday night and by Friday afternoon the highways, especially Interstate 17, will be full of drivers.

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    "We're going to take people to California and the coast using Route I-8 or I-10," Nintzel said. "It's important to avoid speed, stay focused and avoid distractions, like texting while driving."

    However, there is good news: no construction on public roads, including highways in the Phoenix area, is planned.

    Real-time traffic updates in Arizona

    Travelers can monitor road and road conditions with the latest information from ADOT:

  • ADOT Alerts – Download ADOT alerts from your software store to receive real-time traffic updates and traffic conditions. You may receive an alert depending on your location.

  • Twitter: The ADOT Twitter account is operated by a 24-hour operations center that monitors highways and interstate highways in Arizona.

  • az511: Visit for real-time updates and highway / tribal camera footage.

  • Exclusive: What's the fire forecast for Arizona in the summer of 2022?

    Learn more about Arizona's latest fire ban

    Are you ready to go camping? You can not just turn on the stove in one place to cook, boil or reheat these dishes.

    Phase 2 fire restrictions apply to all six of Arizona's national forests, as well as several other national parks and federal states. Under Phase 2 restrictions, firewood or coal, as well as other activities, are prohibited.

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    Our guide to limiting existing fires in Arizona.

    Field Fire Map: Follow where Arizona fires are in 2022

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    This article first appeared in The Republic of Arizona: Remembrance Day 2022: Arizona Traffic Tips, Fire Control Measures

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