Netflix: The 49 Absolute Best TV Shows To Watch


Netflix has a huge library of TV shows, and with new shows coming out every week, weeding out the best can be an exercise. Was it fixed in time? Do not worry. We did the hard work.

You'll find the best new content as well as CNET's full list of the best original TV shows on Netflix.

What's new this week (July 18-24).

Check out this week's highlights.


  • Bad Actor (seasons 1-2) – Polish animation for adults. There are no demons like Bogdan Bonner, who returns with a violent, self-destructive series that is more creative, gruesome and deadly.
  • Virgin River (Part 4): Drama. Looking for a fresh start, a Los Angeles nurse moves to a remote town in Northern California and wonders what she found and who made it.
  • Thursday

  • Jurassic World Camp Chalk (Season 5): Kids Show. After waiting a lifetime to see a dinosaur, lucky Darius gets the chance to join five other vacationers on Isla Nublar on the adventure of a lifetime.
  • Friday

  • Gone with the Wind (season 3): reality show. The top 10 artists will be excited to enter the Glass Sculpture Competition for a chance to win a $60,000 prize and a title.
  • My Odd Family (season 1): Korean drama. The family gradually begins to dissolve.
  • One Piece (new seasons): Anime. Luffy and his crew of the Straw Hats cross the Grand Line to find the treasure and become the new pirate king.
  • Pororo and Tales (Season 1): Animation. On a small island, Pororo the penguin goes on an exciting adventure with his friends Eddie the Fox, Lobby the Beaver, Poppy the Polar Bear and Crong the Dinosaur.
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    Best Netflix Original TV Shows

    At the time of writing, all of these TV shows have a score of at least 70 on Metacritic.

    I love Netflix

    If you're looking for a new, happy and spotless place to move into, look no further. Heartstopper is a wonderful coming-of-age series that tells an LGBTQ+ love story with compassion and grace (and no one dies). Charlie falls in love with Nick, but Nick still doesn't understand his sexual orientation. With real-life teenagers playing teenagers, full-length characters and short animation that inspired Alice Osman's graphic novel of the same name, Heartstopper is a safe, light-hearted, life-affirming queer love story. An important point of view.


    Known as Jane Austen, but with sex, this work is different from the dating scene of the early 19th century. With beautiful productions and colorful costumes, this is London as you have rarely seen it before. The love story of the Bridgeton brothers, written by Gossip Girl of the London Regency, ended up in a controversial advertisement for Julie Andrews. Get ready for this amazing scene.


    Judd Apatow's design brings together the talented Jillian Jacobs (Brit in Society) and Paul Ruth. Playing Mickey and Gus in sequence, opposites gravitate towards each other and travel to twisted, hopeless and surprisingly real places in an honest look at relationships that develop over time. Iris Apatow leaves hapless actress Joss with nothing.


    A fun and playful look with a clear introduction to sarcastic humor. Useless love interest Dylan discovers he has chlamydia, so he must track down their past adventures and let them know that they too may be infected. The Flash's story keeps us on our toes, especially when the focus shifts to the feelings of Dylan and his best friend Evie. Playing English flatmates on the Glasgow stage, he never swerved into the soapy zone with a generous but attractive supporting cast.

    funny netflix

    Sandra oh? The chair is high and flawless, Jamal. Located at the fictional University of Pembroke, this chair is held by Professor Ji Eun Kim, the newly appointed head of the English department. She is the first woman chosen for the post and faces an uphill battle to reposition the archaic department as times change. With insightful notes on the Academy, Holland Taylor's outstanding performance as a senior faculty member, and remarkable social commentary, the department has achieved respected status.


    I Didn't Own (2020-)

    Davy is an ordinary high school student who wants nothing more than to be cute and have a boyfriend. But it's hard to live happily ever after after your father's death. Mindy Kaling's storyline covers familiar territory, but differs from the rest in many ways. Listen: The narrator is John McEnroe. Sports Connection is just one layer of this wonderful and charming extravaganza about a Native American family living in California. I have seen all these stories but not with these unique characters.


    Merry and Ghosts (2020-)

    Stick with Jolie and the ridiculous ghostly hypothesis before making any judgments. Julie is a teenager who accidentally ends up in the Phantoms from the 90s. As Julie helps the group reach their potential, they help her mother enjoy music and life again after her death. Like the music, the catchy tunes will rock you throughout the first season, full of humor, comedy and of course romance. Ghost jokes included.


    Comedian May Martin tries to find out what's on the can. It follows George (Charlotte Richie) who is depressed as he falls for Martin May after watching her show. In the London romance, George reunites with his middle-class friends and family, while Canadian May has a drug problem, making their romance all the more difficult. A story told with confidence sounds humorous from the start, good humor exudes sweetness and grace.

    Sam Taylor / Netflix

    Bing's sex lesson is not an idea: John Hughes is self-aware and playful in American and British school culture. We follow Otis (Asa Butterfield), the son of a sex therapist (Gillian Anderson), as he begins his sexual awakening. Explicit sex scenes and dialogue are presented in a healthy and refreshingly honest manner. The show, built on pure magic around various plays, is getting bigger in its third season.


    The Russian Doll takes the Groundhog Day premise and subverts it in a very strange way. Natasha Lyonne is the spark at the heart of the Time Ring mystery as she plays Nadia, a game developer who repeatedly dies on the night of her 36th birthday. Self-reflection is on a whole new level and that makes this a defining quote.

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    Guy D'Alema / Netflix

    At first glance, Cobra Kai, based on the Karate Kid films, seems like a bad money-making version of the martial arts franchise. But with well-written characters and a healthy dose of nostalgia, it has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix. The sequel takes place 34 years after Daniel Larso punched Johnny Lawrence in the face. Cobra Kai is four seasons of thoughtful, carefree and hearty fun with that carefree attitude.


    Another must-see show, Derry Girls follows the adventures of Erin and her friends in 90s Derry, Ireland. The problems of adolescence are mixed with ridiculous criticism of parents against the background of the conflict in Northern Ireland. While you may draw comparisons to The Inbetweeners, Derry Girls builds on their sweet charm and the historical setting lends itself to surprisingly dark humour.

    Michelle K. Short Film/Netflix

    Starring Emma Stone and Jonas Hill as freaks Annie and Owen, who run a secret drug experiment together (because it's a good idea), this dark comedy series brings wild and often terrifying dreams. Based on well-designed visuals, Maniac is a multi-layered subconscious immersion. This means that it is dark and unexpected, with a wonderful sense of warmth.


    The show that inspired the true story of the first women's professional wrestling association in the 80s? Starring Alison Brie? Producer Genji Kohan? You will succeed. Filled with beautiful female characters, GLOW's original comedy unites misfits with triumph and sublime charm. The third season will delve into the group's varied lives and take the series to Las Vegas. A fourth and final season was in development, but production unfortunately fell victim to the pandemic and Netflix canceled the show.


    Best White People (2017-2021)

    This provocatively titled show offers a modern take on contemporary race relations from the perspective of a different character in each episode. Following many black students at Winchester, an Ivy League school, Dear White People combines social commentary with good humor. With its fourth and final season now in the books, it's still a major revelation.


    Stormy Apocalypse (2017-2019)

    If you like British dark comedies, check out The End of the F***ing World. Psychopath James (Alex Loser) hatches a plan to kill Alyssa (Jessica Bardeen) as she flees from her evil parents. But when they go out on the open road and commit some brutal crimes, their soft hearts soften and feelings for each other are born. Shocking, dynamic, clean, both from this riotous teenage show, the headphones will blow your mind with the best sad game of the 50s, 60s and 70s.


    Phoebe Waller-Bridge has written a six-part comedy that shows the early stages of her incredible talent before literally leading everyone to the perfect Muck. The Crisis follows six twenty-somethings living in an abandoned hospital, who follow strict rules in exchange for cheap rent. Unusual characters shatter expectations in the most hilarious way, as Waller Bridge appears as Lulu playing the ukulele. Not only does she annoy her friends' situations, but she sometimes ends up in incredibly dark situations (see Aunt Gladys, Picky).


    A comedy about a 30-year-old New Yorker who loves pasta, Master of Nothing includes complex and poignant episodes about immigrant families and their second-generation children. He then streams the entire episode on Tinder. Dave's relevant expertise is complemented by the wit and beauty of creator and star Aziz Ansari, and personal differences aside, the romantic and cultural themes they explore are superbly mature. Season 3 takes things in a different direction again, starring Lena White and Naomi Aki. Ansari appears in the episode where Dev tells us about her place in her personal life.


    Call my agent! (2015-2020)

    Thinking of more international Netflix content? Call my French comedy agent! In recent seasons, the list of famous actresses playing themselves has grown, from French to American stars like Sigourney Weaver (!). But we see show business from the perspective of long-suffering agents, including Camille Cotten's powerful agent Andrea Martel, who brushes off her male co-stars with phrases like, "When I went from boys to girls, it was like prom." . "From the sandbox to the football field." The hit series has four seasons parodying the entertainment industry (a fifth season and a TV movie are on the way).


    Bojack Rider (2014-2020)

    When it comes to comics that let your guard down before mentally ill musicians tear them apart, BoJack Horseman has the upper hand. The film takes place in Los Angeles filled with anthropomorphic animals. The film is about an unsuccessful former comic star who tries to return to his former glory by publishing his autobiography. Although this unusual cocktail may take a while at first, Bojack Horsman will soon surprise you with his facts about battling depression and addiction on the way to getting your life back on track.

    Netflix comments

    If you like stealing money, check out Lupin, another non-English show with a gripping storyline. This time we are in France, where professional thief Assan Diop is sent on a mission to take revenge on the man responsible for his father's death. Inspired by the book about the robber baron Arsène Lupin, Asan uses his disguise, thieving intelligence and a healthy dose of charisma to expose the crimes of the rich and powerful Hubert Pellegrini.


    The Bodyguard broke records when it first aired in the UK, and it went from dubious to suspect with relentless speed. That might be the definition of uncontrollable gluttony, which isn't surprising since it's coming from lineman Jade Mercurio. Game of Thrones' Richard Madden plays a bodyguard who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after serving in Afghanistan. In addition, he is tasked with protecting the Home Secretary (Kelly House), who despises politics. Taking challenging turns and creating one of the best 20-minute opening scenes, The Bodyguard is an expert at balancing out the build-up of stress.

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    House of Cards (2013-2018)

    While Kevin Spacey's sexual harassment allegations have tarnished this darker side of fourth-wall-breaking politics, it's still worth a watch if you're into power plays and random backstabbing. Originally following spy Frank Underwood, the sixth and final season of House of Cards moved on to his wife Claire (Robin Wright) as she gains more power in the Oval Office.

    horror Netflix

    Another sluggish horror series from the author who gave us The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor will haunt you for days. Midnight Mass is Mike Flanagan's latest creation, an extended puzzle of seven one-hour episodes. Riley Flynn returns home to Crockett Island after paying for a drunken car accident four years ago when the arrival of a handsome new priest coincides with a series of supernatural miracles in town. Steeped in fear and dread, Midnight Mist is an eloquent test of faith, with terrifying supernatural monsters appearing along the way.

    Steve Dietel/Netflix

    Hill House Concentration (2018)

    Based on the novel of the same name by Shirley Jackson, Mike Flanagan's The Haunting of Hill House interweaves horror with a deeply moving story of a broken family. Broken after growing up in a haunted house, Cranes can't ignore her past and must do what she didn't want to do: return to those dark halls. The grotesque setting will please horror fans, but Crane's sad tale will, yes, make you sad for a few days. Good news: The second chapter of The Haunting of Bly Manor is also a gothic love story.


    If you're a fan of Howard Overman's super entertaining Misfits, then Crazyhead might be the next place you want to go. First released in the UK in 2016, it is a horror comedy starring Kara Theobold (voice of Overwatch) and Susan Wakuma as Offerman's successor. Friends who are connected are unlikely to be able to see each other. A society in which demons roam regularly. . The striking double act is at the heart of this suspenseful and entertaining series that follows exorcisms, accidental roommate murders and demonic parents. Yes, you have to see it for yourself.

    Science Fiction Netflix

    Do you like sci-fi shows that are shown in two time frames? Do you have a special place for rituals and secrets? Meet Archive 81 Genre Show Mamoudou Atti will replace Dan Turner, an archivist who has worked on restoring damaged video clips since the 1990s. He gets more than what he gets by participating in a mysterious ritual and investigation. A young woman may or may not die. Supernatural horror, mystery, noir and sci-fi immersed in an atmosphere of horror, Archive 81 has it all.


    Germany's response to Stranger Things takes deliberate time before diving into downright cool and innovative places. The science fiction novel Dark combines time travel, intrigue and different families in a story that spans generations in the story of a boy who begins to disappear. If you're looking for extended layers in your legend, be sure. A darkly contemplative look at time travel and its impact on human nature, all three seasons await.


    Stranger Things (2016—)

    Without Stranger Things, the list wouldn't be any better. If you somehow missed the horrors of the Duffer Brothers in the 80s and Steven Spielberg, things are about to get right. We follow a mute girl who becomes the object of scientific experiments. She possesses telekinetic abilities that she uses to fend off monsters that attack her from her terrifying alter ego. The world of Indiana Hawkins is carefully detailed for everyone who needs nostalgia for the 80s, and the loser characters played by the star-studded youth team are part of everything that makes this series incredibly powerful.


    Full disclosure: Netflix, unfortunately, canceled «Travelers» after the third season, but this carefully developed scientific fiction from Canada managed to end with great success. Начнем с Марси, сломанной скамейки, которая колубать нашему другу ебехать от гангстеров. Ты умрешь, а потом вернешься к жизни. Ета мощная научиная фантастика с программый просмотрей ловко программе тайну, следуя за дляновидными агентами в их аппитиеи перевечение крах общества.

    Laurie Sparham/Netflix

    While Charlie Brooker's anthology series may be struck by bad technologies, at best "Black Mirror" completes its mini-films, exploring future technological ideas through heartbreaking human stories. Один из них — «Сан-Джуниперо», повествующий о двух женщинах из 80-х (soundtrack), которой любиляются как не больший бы бы в своей «настоящей» жизни от плайжного город. The technological side is revealed in an interesting time, and the show as a whole explores the consequences of blocking our life in disturbing and sometimes suffocating ways.

    Drama Mike Kolofil / Netflix

    Шоковый ответ Дании Западному крылу. минуты История


    मा मा जिज उर्डिज्ञानीयुश्टा-टेको ग्रा मिनिसेट्योग थाह. Мейд Алекс свообовам игра я поговорка лъжан бе бе бе бе сера поговорка лъе поговорка поговорка мок игра. अलेक्स त्वका त्वका अलेक्स गुण्य गैन्युनु सकाजट लेडहने सकाजत , लेभ बे सकाजानी अनुहोस् न्ष भुद्या विश्या. But they are not hard things, simple and attractive moments are provided for more. Горничная цементы Куели



    What is this? ক্শ্বাব্ন্য (নানান নাস দাদা দাদা কাক্লা কাজান নান্য়ান) Skazal کامبی Сказать لوب بواد تاريخ البا ه٣نا ماسادگیا دوسلتا علمن آلهمن ساعته تسعداء هذا سوس وونه باقول هذا آسكالغبو ب ب لاي.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


    This freedom was established in 19th century Brooklyn in the Orthodox community. ካደገችበ እምነ አዲስ ህይወ እ በርሊን በርሊን ውስጥ ጨ ጨርሳለች ፣ ነገር ማህበረሰቧ እንድ አይፈቅድላ አይፈቅድላ ls ከ Shira Haas አስደናቂ በማሳ ፣ ፣ ፣ ፣ ያልተለ እንድ እንድ ያስችልዎታል ያስችልዎታል ያስችልዎታል ያስችልዎታል


    अधिया Freez अध्याँ मदराबुविव्य जुवग अभबक्य पुबेलु, बेसेरिन बेसरिन रा टेवानियोग डॉन्टन डॉन्टन मेरी शमानेन एमिशेल डोकर्रिण याका याका उचा. অ.অ. In the 1880s, God's New Visions circulated around the world. Related topics

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    Роскошный чат-код lordмигелц клам. Since its 20th anniversary, it has been following the life of Queen Elizabeth II in a powerful television show that has covered the deep historical events of the Buckingham Palace. Like Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher, and others, images are treated with the utmost cinematic sophistication. Until the beginning of the 21st century, the fifth and sixth periods are on the way to complete your knowledge of the reign of the king.

    virtual netflix

    2021's best TV shows were அத்து தென்மும் series. That's right, if you don't like animation, Arcane is a program to change your mind. The action of Piltover and Zayoun's steampunk are introduced to the world, the two cities are fighting opposite values ​​and fates. Then there are siblings Violet (Hailly Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ela Purneel) who were disintegrated in an accident and are struggling to survive. Arcane is a moving image produced by Pixar on par with Pixar. கதை குர்குயாட்டு குக்கு யானைய்ப்புக்கு. to be seen


    This is based on a Jeff Lemir comic. A sweet tooth with his father's (विल फोर्टे) भाशाका जुज़ेले लेखे मीनिंगन गैवेसन (अध्यक्षिट क्रिस्टिया कोनवेरी), अहाफ़ा अगाजेन, हैफ़ो शोशो भियोग यकटेल़ In the Great Crumble, the events surrounding the viral outbreak lead Gusn to a mysterious, action-packed, and very entertaining road trip. The echoes of the world's wars can be heard on the edge of this attractive and engaging virtual world. The fans of the genre will go on a wonderful journey.

    Kevin Baker/Netflix

    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)

    For the dark crystal: the time of resistance Canceled after one season, it is a well-known fantasy series. Pre-production of Jim Henson's 1982 film, he returns to the planet Thra. You will be amazed by the design and performance of the puppets by an amazing cast featuring Taron Edgerton, Anya Taylor-Joy and Natalie Emmanuel. அத்தை रास्थन धोचु आटेज़कोनु जेफ्लिंग है गुद्य गुद्धान अग्य गुद्य गुद्धान अग्युद्य गुद्वाद यूड़ाल। A complete fantasy epic built with love, care and amazing detail.

    crime netflix

    Based on a real-life story, these small episodes feature an amazing performance by Katelyn Dever, and the complicated issues they face. ក្រង្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្រេ, ប្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ Toni Collette and Merritt Weaver as clever detectives who see what others don't see add another layer to the incredibly complex and powerful story.


    Ava DuVernay ប្រ្រ្រ្រ្រ In 1989, the real-life events of the central park run by five people who were killed and killed by violence were revealed. Not only by focusing on the humanity of children, but when you see it, the injustice of the system calls for anger.


    Four similar situations are waiting to be opened. Season 1 Following Jessica Biel's Koran, suddenly a person is killed on the beach, but he doesn't know why. It's Bill Pullman's detective Ambrose who makes the chain's arrest.


    This series is liked by many people (and netflixes are liked by them) but all people like it, Money Heist, Money Heist, yes, heist. The main teacher who does the preparation for the ocean is the teacher. He has banks in his eyes, and we see his complex plans combined with smart phones, time zones, and even unbelievable banks. This television with a clear Spanish identity is attractive – don't let the subtitles escape you.


    American Hooligan (2017-2018)

    The first two seasons of this comedy hit Netflix with a powerful combination of silly jokes and social commentary. True crime movies like Netflix's Making a Murderer, American Vandal follows a high school prank prank. After 27 phallic images that hurt college cars, it is up to two sophomores to solve the crime, before the wrong person is chosen for good. yes this is a joke However, it covers the mystery of the current high school life in an amazing way that creates a more accurate picture of it. big success


    This new service was made a few years ago, but it's probably worth checking if it's broken. በኃጢአተኛው ሥር ፣ አሊያስ ግሬስ ግድያ ግድያ እንደምትፈጽም ወደ ወጣቷ ሴት መሪነት መሪነት ፣ የማታስታውሰው የማታስታውሰው። Margaret Atwood's hypnotic performance is played by Sarah Gadon as Irish refugee Grace, who leads a family's life without violence in Toronto. በከፊል በእውነተኛ ታሪክ ላይ በመመስረት፣ ይህ ቀላል ሚስጥራዊነት ያለው ቀላል መልሶች አይደለም እና የበለጠ ማራኪ የሚያደርገው ይህ ነው።


    ዴቪድ ፊንቸር በሁለቱም ወቅቶች በዚህ የስነ-ልቦና ወንጀል አጓጊ (ሦስተኛው ላልተወሰነ ጊዜ ተይዟል) በርካታ ክፍሎችን ይመራዋል, ስለዚህ ጥንቃቄ የተሞላባቸው ምስሎች እና አሳማኝ ታሪኮች ተሰጥተዋል. ሆልደን ፎርድ (ጆናታን ግሮፍ) የኤፍቢአይ ልዩ ወኪል ነው፣ ለእስር ቤት ተከታታይ ገዳዮች ቃለ መጠይቅ እንዲደረግላቸው የተላከ ሲሆን የሚያነሳሳቸውን ነገር ለመገንባት ነው። ካሜሮን ብሪትተን እንደ እውነተኛ ህይወት ተከታታይ ገዳይ ኤድ ኬምፐር በጣም ቀዝቃዛ ነው. Mindhunter ከአማካይ የወንጀል ትዕይንትዎ የበለጠ ብልህ እና የበለፀገ ነው፣ እና በሆነ መልኩ ከተወሳሰቡ ገፀ ባህሪያቱ ጋር ያድጋል። ሶስተኛው የውድድር ዘመን ባይከሰት ያሳፍራል (ይህ ቢመስልም)።


    የመድኃኒቱ ጌታ ፓብሎ ኤስኮባር የዚህ ርዕሰ ጉዳይ ነው፣ አዎ፣ ሱስ አስያዥ ተከታታይ ኮኬይን አከፋፋይ እና ቢሊየነር ለመሆን በጀመረበት ወቅት ፈጣን ነው። Narcos, un relato real que se mezcla con imágenes de archivo, logra presentar un lado comprensivo de Escobar sin socavar la gravedad de su material. Además, la búsqueda de la DEA para derribar a Escobar aumenta el suspenso. Después de terminar las tres series, diríjase a Narcos: México, una serie complementaria que se enfoca en el tráfico ilegal de drogas en México.


    Peaky Blinders (2013-2022)

    Netflix adquirió sabiamente los derechos de Peaky Blinders y hay seis temporadas (y, finalmente, una película derivada) para atravesar el impresionante ascenso del líder de la pandilla de Birmingham de 1900, Thomas Shelby. Prepárese para una fascinante actuación de Cillian Murphy en esta saga familiar que tiene una cantidad fantástica de diversión y estilo que muestra los tratos de Shelby con otras pandillas, la policía y el amante ocasional.

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