Our Chicago: Summer Travel Outlook And Tips For Troublefree Journey

Our Chicago Summer Travel Approaches And Tips For A Hassle Free Travel Funancial News

Chicago (WLS) – Many Americans have restricted their travel for the past two years. But that seems to be about to change as the summer of 2022 approaches.

This weekend, Triple A estimates that some 1.9 million people in Illinois will travel 50 miles or more from their homes.

AAA Travel Vice President Debbie Haas said the summer travel season would begin with a "hot" season, adding that the thrill of traveling during the epidemic was at its peak.

At the same time, gasoline prices fluctuate around $ 5.00.

"We see people need to save money on their travels," Haas said. "Some people live near home or shorten their travels, looking for ways to save."

The final smile is the plan for those who fly.

"And take into account the problems that may make the flight less difficult for you. So one of the options is to try a direct flight. I would like to consider the first flight of the day as it allows them to fly that day. "Last night և your plane wherever you want, 'smile,'" he said.

Our Chicago. Part 2:

Ja'Vonne is the owner of Harley Advantage International և the host of the "Travel Culture" radio show. While in Chicago, he spoke to us from Rome, where he was with a group of people. Harley says he hears so many American accents that the flight to Rome is completely fixed. The work on this tour has been going on for a long time.

"Those who book in advance can get a very good air ticket, and our group air tickets are fixed at a fixed price," said Harley. "In the last month of the trip, airfare for latecomers doubles, so early booking is very important, summer plane tickets are really getting more expensive."

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Both Haas and Harley Travel Insurance recommend that if you travel abroad, you must take a negative COVID test to return. And if you can not, insurance can help cover the extra costs. And they both chose the international travel direction this year, Portugal. They call it accessibility, and Haas – "a wonderful place to travel."

Additional information for international travelers.

AAA – Travel confidently

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