Providence Is Among The Best Places To Live Says US News. But Wait ’til You Hear Our Rank

The Top 39 Public High Schools In N J As Ranked By U S News Nj Com

Several media outlets here have whispered information that Providence has been included on the latest US news list "Best Place to Live".

I mean the best city.

Out of 150 Providence ranks 105th

In some areas, it seems to be proud.

The local website was impressed that we were one place higher than last year when we had "-106".

Others have mentioned that we have compiled such a popular list.

I have another answer.

Is American news serious?


To little?

It's an insult, an insult.

And wait to hear who is higher.

I recently wrote a story about half a dozen couples who decided to change their lives to find the perfect new city.

Brought to Rhode Island. Why did the couple leave life here?

One lived in Minneapolis, another in San Francisco, a third in St. Louis. Louis, another in New York, and another in a remote area.

I chose the couple because they did not move to work. They start looking for a city paradise all over again.

They looked at as many cities as possible: Boston, Philly, Baltimore, Charleston, Hartford, New Haven, Washington, and more.

But everyone thinks Providence is the most interesting and vibrant, so they are here.

Yes, it's just a joke, but it reflects what many here already know. Providence has all the hallmarks of a great city on a human scale. Only minutes from downtown you can stay in a house with a lawn. It is rich in food, art and culture. On a bicycle, near the sea, և, և ,.

RI is the best. 22 Can not miss the food and drink adventure for the summer of 2022

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Despite everything, US News left us in the basement of the rankings.

Of course, they are not saying that they are glorifying providence. And it follows that all 150 cities on the list are excellent.

I do not have it. 105 ratings not respected.

Their number one choice is Huntsville, Alabama.


I'm sure this is a normal place, but it's not a good sign that I felt I should add Alabama, because there's going to be a lot of people there, say, Huntsville. "Where's Huntsville?"

The story goes on

The season has arrived. Route Rhode Island from the beach has a lot to offer this summer

Colorado Springs, Green Bay, Boulder, San Jose and Raleigh Durham, all of whom are among the top six. Pick one or the other, okay?

Number 7 is Fayetteville, which I think should be added again, in Arkansas. Then Portland … Menitz. Then Saracota and then San Francisco in 10th place.

One measure of American news is the "price index." Translation: Availability. Providence has problems in this area, but I'm sure. Try to buy a home in San Francisco or San Jose. Both are located on top of cities where you almost have to be Jeff Bezas to handle a home.

Patinkin. In the Superman butt debate, I look forward to another Providence reunion

I do not deny that many of the cities listed above are good places, such as Naples "-12" և Austin № 13

But let's admit it, US News, would you really age 15th, 90th more than Providence?

As for "-16", I do not want to sound critical, but Grand Rapids. To quote WC Fields, "I spent a month on a weekend at the Grand Rapids." I really did.

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Boston is 18th in the rankings. That means Boston is good. But for about seven couples who moved to Providence, Boston was too expensive, too busy, oh my God, travel.

Plan ahead. Add these 5 fun events to your weekend to-do list. Your taste buds will thank you

No. 21 – Albany. I know some amazing people in Albany who like it because its roots are there, so I hope they do not see this column. But in the American news, smoking is needed to keep Albany 84th above Providence as a place to live.

Then there's Omaha (29), of course Warren Buffett likes it. But early in my career, I applied to the Omaha newspaper, and since then I have often been tempted to thank them for their refusal.

So glad as I am that the Harrisburg Pennsylvania newspaper told me to lose, I still have Harrisburg 35.

Syracuse also defeated us, as I did a few years before Kalamazoo toe when I had the pleasure of visiting Asheville, North Carolina, it was not worth №46, while Providence №105.

And you tell me Hartford is 47th. Fort Wayne – 48? Peoria 50? I'm in Mill, Illinois, and I do not know where American News is 53rd or 52nd of us.

Do you understand? Worcester is 69 in front of us. Yes, they took PawSox, but only because our sticks were incompetent, which literally drove the team. I was in Worcester. I spent some time in Worcester. I traveled to Worcester. And Worcester, you're not Providence.

Ah, Youngtown, number 85, beat us too.

See. Rhode Island's rooftop bars and restaurants with great views

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US News wrote some good paragraphs about Providence that were actually relevant.

"Providence is a culturally diverse metropolitan area where young professionals and artists live in a strange New England area." It was about the revival of the city, the costume scene, the college, the beautiful beach.

Thanks for that, US News.

But what about lower grades – 105?

No thank you.

This article was originally published in Providence magazine. American news. Providence is one of the best places to live. Where it's supposed to be

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