Sarasota Makes Top 10 List Of Best Places To Live In U.S., Other Florida Metros Drop

Sarasota Makes Time Magazine S World S 100 Greatest Places 2021 List

Sarasota was named one of the top places to live in the country by US News & World Report for yearning, quality of life and cost of living.

The annual ranking, released this week by media outlets, places Sarasota at #9 on our list of the 150 Best Places to Live in the State, making it the only Florida city to make the top 10.

US News & World Report describes Sarasota as having "a clear feeling that it's different from its coastal Florida cities, with a vibrant arts scene, a coastal scene, and a thriving food culture."

"This metropolitan area of ​​more than 800,000 people has a famous opera house, numerous rooftop bars and the famous beach of Siesta Key," the magazine wrote. "What's special about this area is its duality: Downtown Sarasota offers resorts and fine dining, but a stroll through Siesta Key Village or St. Armands Circle offers a more intimate waterfront setting."

Last Year's Ranking: Sarasota was named one of the Top Ten Places to Live by US News & World Report

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The rankings are determined based on several factors developed by media companies: quality of life; Labour market; desirability, which asks whether people want to move somewhere; Net migration, which determines whether people actually moved to a place, and value, which includes the cost of living.

Affordable housing affordability and quality of life are even more prominent than ever in the rankings this year due to the huge appetite in the national housing market, according to US News.

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He had an impact on the standings, taking Huntsville, Alabama from No. 3 to No. 1 in the rankings, despite a lower desirability mark at the bottom of the 150-place ranking.

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Despite rising housing costs, Sarasota remains in ninth place, unchanged from last year.

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"Most of the upheaval we've seen in the top positions this year has come from shifting preferences," said Devon Thorsby, real estate editor of US News. “People moving around the country today are more concerned about accessibility and quality of life than the job market, which is lagging behind in many ways as remote work options become more standardized.”

Most Florida subways are some of the best places to live

Aside from Sarasota, every other Florida subway is out, with the exception of the Daytona Beach excursion from No. 69 to No. 68. And only seven are in the top 75, down from 11 last year.

Let's take a look at: Naples (12); Melbourne (20), Jacksonville (24), Tampa (39), Pensacola (44), Daytona Beach (68), Port St Lucie (78), Ocala (91), Fort Myers (100); Tallahassee (110), Lakeland (113), Orlando (118) and Miami (137).

Orlando took the most painful risks, with Fort Myers freefalling right behind.

"Orlando's cost of living was the 16th highest of the 150 metro areas we surveyed," Thorsby said. "Combine that with a smaller drop, like a slight drop in cravings, and move from 9th fastest growing underground to 25th, and that adds to further deterioration. Fort Myers has seen a major drop in cravings, one "Also, Fort Myers is ranked 105 out of 150 in its job market, which is a significant contributor."

How was he last year? These are: Naples (7th), Sarasota (9th), Melbourne (18), Jacksonville (22), Pensacola (26), Tampa (32), Fort Myers (43), Port St. Lucie (47), Ocala (58). ). ) ), Orlando (60), Daytona Beach (69), Tallahassee (76), Lakeland (80) and Miami (128).

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"We know the reasons can be very different for different people," Thorsby said. “But we can speculate on the cost of living, which is a problem, a problem simply because we can compete with other homebuyers in a competitive market, or even the potential dangers of hurricane season in many parts of the country, as climate change plays a bigger role . . from natural disasters. where people want to live."

At a summit last month, experts said they expect record heat, oppressive humidity and stronger storms in Florida for years to come as the warming pattern continues. The state, already home to the 10 hottest cities in the country, now averages 25 dangerously hot days with a heat index of 105 degrees. According to Climate Central, we expect to have 130 of those days a year by 2050, more than any other state.

Climate change, weather events can certainly affect cravings.

"Climate change and associated weather events can definitely affect the timing," Thorsby said. “Along with our Attractiveness Survey, we conduct an annual survey of people across the United States about the most important factors when deciding to move to another part of the country, and from there we govern how we address these consumer preference factors .

“This year we have seen that accessibility has become a bigger issue, while net migration has slightly decreased. Florida is growing fast, but the cost of living is higher than many other parts of the country, so we see some benefits being lost as a result."

Last year Florida was one of the hottest places in the country, with new residents breaking in on The Beatles' "I'll Follow the Sun" and moving south. But there are signs that the market may not be going too far as falling prices on homes for sale are becoming more common, according to property data.

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A series of controversial laws drew international attention to the country, including a government dispute involving Disney World. A new poll found a bipartisan majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the impact of both and free speech, according to Forbes magazine.

Some of these have led to "Florida Man" stigma jokes from comedians and late-night TV shows. It could be the first weekend in a long time that the state doesn't play a major role on Saturday Night Live.

Florida's miles of beaches and respectable winters can help Scandinavians who sit in the snow during the colder months and still see Florida as an alternative.

"Any joke, stereotype or stigma about a place can definitely affect your attractiveness score because it's based on people's personal preferences," Thorsby said when asked. "Despite the widespread 'Florida Man' joke, the fact that we still see seven of Florida's metro areas in the top 25 if desired tells me that people are more interested in warm weather and beach access, among other things…"

Last month, Sarasota was also named the #1 place to retire in the United States for the second year in a row. It's also the third fastest growing place in the country, according to the magazine.

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