Some North Texas Clergy Say Helping Abortion Patients Travel A ‘powerful Experience


A few months ago, when the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion, Rowe Wadd was one of the leaders of the United States Supreme Court in the fight against abortion.

In response to Senate Bill 8, the six-week ban, which takes effect Sept. 1, has prompted some North Texas clergy to help bring abortions to the area. Before the Oklahoma Tough Law was passed last week, Texas' new law was the most restrictive in the nation.

The story of the first abortion activist at the United Church of Canterbury, Dallas, begins in the early days of Roy Wade. They believe that abortion is a fundamental right.

Six years ago, Kenter established a multi-denominational priesthood program.

Texas' abortion law is one of 106 new restrictions in 19 states by 2021, according to the study.

However, when SB 8 was implemented, the Canter Clinic said it knew the program needed improvement because it would help 70% of patients in other states.

"I took him on a trip plan from the Priestly Clinic," Kenter said.

In December, 20 women made their first visit to the organization's sister clinic, Southwest Women's Choice, both established by Dr. Curtis Boyd.

The travel program is for patients who are eligible to live below the poverty line.

He said some church groups partner with those who oppose abortion, but many church volunteers write notes each month to send travelers to New Mexico.

The Boyd Clinic, a sample of women from southwestern New Mexico, is a multi-day outpatient trial in which a 23-year-old woman was killed in a recent massacre of 900,000 people. According to the Guttimar Institute, New Mexico is a state where there are no restrictions on alternative abortions or waiting times.

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The New Mexico Growth Choice is led by the Coalition of Religions, which focuses on staying with those who need prayer or guidance for other Cantor pastors.

"Now we go there every week because 20+ patients at a clinic in New Mexico will strain their schedules," Canter said.

The group has taken 20 women to New Mexico at least twice a month since December.

From the Texas Department of Justice. According to Erin Walter, “Being a priest for these 20 people has been one of the most rewarding, powerful, and meaningful experiences of my ministry.

The flight, which began at 5:30 p.m. at the Dallas First Unitary Center, gave the women "care" and then drove to the airport, Walter said, adding that some women had never flown.

After the flight, they were taken to the Union des Religions for breakfast or to make an appointment.

"In the evening, you know, relax. "I prayed with some of them, I asked the Lord to surround me comfortably, peacefully, to guide my hands and my spirit, as doctors see it "Walter said.

The patients were given lunch, Walter said, and returned home to Dallas at the end of the day.

Most of those who asked for help during Walter's journey were women of color. Some work with laptops, while others return to the factory after returning from a flight. The other would fall in love the next day.

A recent Mississippi Supreme Court ruling has raised concerns that the number of Texas teenage girls seeking abortions in other Mexican states in Mexico is only likely to increase if Rock fails.

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Texas Health and Human Services estimates that abortions have dropped about 60% since the new ban took effect last September.

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