Texas Is One Of The Worst States To Live In, No. 5 For Business

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According to CNBC, Texas is one of the best states to do business and one of the worst places to live in the US. The rankings show the Lone Star State as the fifth best place to do business, but the second worst place to live.

CNBC divided each state into 10 categories based on 88 different metrics, with each category scoring differently in the rankings. The workforce category, which includes STEM workers, graduates, graduates and those with industry-recognized certifications, had the largest weight at 16% of the total. Employee evaluation was the top performing category in Texas, and the state ranked second nationally.

Texas was ranked third in access to capital, fourth in technology and innovation, and eighth in the economy. CNBC also considered infrastructure, cost of doing business, livelihoods, health and inclusion, ease of doing business, education and cost of living in its rankings. North Carolina, Washington, Virginia and Colorado ranked first and fourth respectively as the best states to do business.

CNBC used the Life, Health & Inclusion category to determine the best and worst places to live in the US. Among them are the crime rate per capita, the quality of the environment, protection from discrimination, the right to vote and the quality of health care. Texas ranks 49th on the list, making it the second worst place to live in the US.

According to CNBC, Texas scored 72 out of 325 in this category and received an "F" rating. According to CNBC, the state has no strengths in this area, with its top weaknesses being child care, health care resources, inclusiveness and voting rights. The Lone Star State, along with Tennessee, is the only two states ranked in the top 10 places to do business and the top 10 places to live.

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Arizona is ranked as the worst place to live in the US. After Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Missouri round out the top five worst states to live in the country. Vermont was named the best place to live by CNBC, followed by Maine, Hawaii, North Dakota and Minnesota.

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