The 50 Most Anticipated TV Shows Of Summer 2022, From ‘House Of The Dragon To ‘Stranger Things

Biggest Tv Shows Of Summer 2022 Screen Rant

In another life (2019) Summer and we thought about what we will do. We were leaving. There will be stock. We can see people too. We were young and innocent at the time.

At least the current instinct to fall and hide under cover covers the flow of TV releases. How is that? A lot. TV. It is almost absurd to think that each person can only look at one part, let alone the whole. Does the blessing of salvation exist, we believe, even if it is something for all?

We’ve looked at hundreds and hundreds of new series that will be available in the coming months. Beautiful successes, plenty of Real Housewives, celebrity shows, fun stuff and of course the Game of Thrones, here are 50 to watch, sorted by preview date:

Happy hermitage.


Tuesday, May 31, July

Summer begins, respectively, with a mixture of nostalgia and chaos. The kinetic chaos of the Sex Pistols was encouraged by Oscar winner Danny Boyle. Interestingly, the uprising provocation has such a tendency towards the group that it is called, that one wants to look at one’s own trajectory. But we’re all old, and here we are.

Real housewives in Dubai

married. June 1, Bravo

We have a lot of questions about "Real Dubai Housewives", the first official international season of the "Dear Housewives" franchise broadcast on Bravo. "Why?" Questions such as: "A?" And, "Give it to me now." The first trailer for the series was a three-minute double, screaming “Look how rich we are”. What do we say, dear Bravo? – Alai.


Thursday, June 2, Netflix:

Borgen's account is that people who have seen Borgen are completely obsessed with Borgen, and those who don't see Borgen respond every time they take it, "What the hell is this, Borgen?" It is a Danish political film that has been a worldwide success on Netflix and is often praised for its similarities to be expected in the real world, especially here in the United States. A new season is coming, which means you can be Borgen too. missionaries

It won't hurt

Thursday, June 2 AISW +

In this house, we are helping everyone in Paddington who would be delighted with the voice of the biggest movie star Ben Wishow in this new series. This Is Going to Hurt has already given rave in the UK. (Not surprisingly, again, Paddington is involved.) Phishu is a doctor with stress at work, he didn't know he was so big.


Friday, June 3, Prime Video:

A very original joke about season 3, soon Prime Video. The men returned to the village. Aupa Aupa! This is the first time anyone has made a similar reference to this series. It’s a show that can be an exciting, entertaining, and satirical satire of superheroes, perhaps the truest version of any other show, which means there’s a lot of blood involved. The Season 3 trailer suggests that both will be more.

lava floor

Friday, June 3, Netflix:

I will watch every episode of this game without regret. If something catastrophic happens, the TV is completely wiped off the ground, and all that’s left to watch is Floor Is Lava, I’ll be happy. Live the lava floor!

P Valley:

Friday, June 3 Stars:

P-Valley was one of its first season sessions, with critics asking everyone to listen to it, saying it was an underrated series that they should definitely watch. Of course, it’s hard to sell to fans the heavy drama about Delta strip club life. But everyone who saw it knew that this show had something special in its clear, juicy sound.


Friday, June 3, Apple TV +

Our personal religion promises that we accept all the best efforts of Rose Byrne. Thus, while there were some claims about body tone in the ’80s that were sold as a disgrace to the emergence of aerobics in the’ 80s, it was impossible for Byrne to work hard as a housewife, wild, raw or raw. Don't apologize for taking it.

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Irma's novel

Monday, June 6, HBO:

Also, "Irma's Novel" is the name of the new fun summer TV series, which can be said out loud (try it. Repeat "Irma's vape" a few times. It's scary). Vikander has finally found her in a new role worthy of her charming talent. Everything else is almost insignificant to describe Calvary. From it the metaplast emerges as the most complex tobacco in the world. But the show is on the list of most critics.

This is my moment with David Letterman

Tuesday, June 7, Netflix

In the series, he portrayed a comedian, and then talked about it with Dave Letterman. It’s basically a serialized version of The Late Show, in which he portrays a stand-up comedian and then talks to Dave Letterman. If it doesn't break …

Lady Marvel

married. June 8, Disney +

Other Marvel series usually cause us to rotate our eyes to stretch our visual muscle. (Do you have muscle in your eyes?) But from the comic book pages, from a long-awaited variety, with this aesthetic that resembled a bunch of revived superheroes. Iman Filani is the hero of the name. In fact, the Marvel hippie world deserves to be archetypal.

As amazing as people are

Thursday, June 9, Bavon

gay sex! Ass! inclusion! This is the Holy Trinity of Revelation. This new rethinking of the legendary "Queer as Folk" series, which has two previous versions – one from the UK – the US version, is good for all three. This new story takes place in New Orleans with Kim Ketrall and Juliette Lewis. Let the Good Weather Roll!

for all mankind

Friday, June 10, Apple TV +

This is the best drama series you have ever seen. fix it

Top shutters:

Friday, June 10, Netflix:

Peaky Blinders, ranked second in Title That Most Fun Say Out Loud TV show, is one of those obsessive cult series. It will be the sixth season of this good news if you want to play a new series, especially one starring Cillian Murphy as a wicked criminal leader after World War I in England. It’s a niche market, but you never know.

Be Elizabeth

արև. June 12, stars

A shocking reality about a woman who undergoes plastic surgery for thousands of dollars to show off her physical resemblance to the Queen of England, or a fashion drama about a young woman who becomes Elizabeth I. We all learn on the twelfth day. eka.


արև. June 12, Paramount +:

This is the most exciting, clearest and scariest series. The authors of “Good Woman” and “Good Struggle” have entered the supernatural space here, which is a surprisingly useful addition to their procedural conscious drama. The result is a series of descriptions of The Daily Beast's plot, "a horny man peeing in the corner of his living room" and "a monster in socks that will surely remove the grass before it bites you." Who can deal with it?

30 to 30. Sleep is tied

married. June 15, ESPN

It attracts people who love the sport. An interesting life opportunity. However, I think we can all be impressed with this new 30 on 30 documentary about the U.S. women's basketball team at the 1996 Olympics. With the future of women’s professional basketball in their hands, the team underwent a 15-minute journey. A month before he won a gold medal at the Atlanta Games. Respect their names.

With love, Vittorio

married. June 15, July

"Love Vector", a series for teenagers known for "Love, Simon", was always crying in every series. has been given. I was amazed that the series in a remake of the film was so subtle, complex, and so terribly touching how a teenager accepts himself, a well-known struggle with what love really means. Absolutely.

the father of the bride

June 16, Thursday, July

Who thought? "Let's be the bride's father again, but this time with Andy Garcia Gloria Estefan."

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old man

Thursday, June 16, FX:

I'm Jeff Bridges. old man.


Thursday, June 16, Paramount +:

The American Vandal was a masterpiece of television comedy. It was a very extensive crime documentary where some didn’t realize it was a satire. The creators of the series are applying this attitude to the World of Player Games, which is growing above all the attractions to be seen this summer.

Rutherford Falls

Thursday, June 16, Bavon

Ed Helms is always charming. Apparently, Rutherford Falls is also unique. Who could have guessed?


Thursday, June 23 at Hulu:

"Bear" tells the story of a Michelin-starred chef who, after a family tragedy, is forced to return home to work in a family sandwich shop. The plot doesn't tell it all, but the good news is that it has a senior member of TV Crush's biggest list, former shameless star Jeremy Allen White. Exciting!

The journey of real housewives:

Thursday, June 23 Bravo

In the trailer for season 2 of The Journey of Real Housewives, the woman asks, "What influenced you to be a lesbian?" And other answers. – Her eyebrows. This art comes on June 23rd.


Friday, June 24, premiere video:

"Everyone loved it a while ago when it was shown in the UK, and now it's finally showing up in the US." A girl named Becky is obsessed with her childhood friend Chloe on social media. When Chloe dies suddenly, Becky gains a new identity by entering her previous life. Sounds awful, we're in it.


Friday, June 24 Apple TV +

Maya Rudolph's new series. All this is an affirmation.

money theft. Korea – Common Economic Space

Friday, June 24, Netflix:

Trying to understand the title score of this session made me feel uncomfortable, but we apologize for the anxiety, because the new South Korean version of the hit Spanish Netflix is ​​a terribly exciting opportunity.


արև. June 26, HBO:

So Westworld is still one thing, right? Who knows! I don’t remember exactly what happened last season, but confusion seems to be the hallmark of this show, so it might not matter.

Building murders only

Tuesday, June 28, July

This series has been pretty awesome Steve Martin, Martin Short … murder mysteries seem weird with useful comic strips on paper, but we can’t wait any longer.

amazing things:

Friday, July 1, Netflix:

Will Demogorgona flip when Eleven turns on her Christmas lights when Winona Ryder rings the bell? I will rarely return to what happens in this session, but the premiere of the second part of season 4 will be on July 1, so it is still about a month to find out.

List of stations:

Friday, July 1, Prime Video:

Chris Pratt plays Navy SEAL in your dad’s new favorite session.


married. July 6, Hulu:

Maggie is a series of romantic comedies about a psychologist who sees her future with a stranger she knows. This is a smart concept.

this bird

Friday, July 8, Apple TV +

Good news for all of us who are looking for new photos of Taron Egerton’s newly inflated body every day. (Wait, am I the only one?) Anyway, if he admits to going to a top security prison to confess to a TV series, he plays the role of a convicted drug trafficker who is allowed to avoid a 10-year prison sentence. Who is the killer there?

Flowers in the attic. origin:

Saturday, July 9 for life

Ironically, this controversial book, “Brotherly Incest,” inspired fans, but Lifetim created a home-based industry using its popularity. "Origin" will be his fourth "Flowers in the Attic" project with a miniseries with Jemima Ruper, Max Irons, Kelsey Gramer and Kate Mulgrew.


Monday, July 11, Alphabet

Once our long national nightmare is over, that privilege will be gone. Until then, there’s another season of “Maiden,” so we can all pretend to be out of sight, but secretly swallow each new episode.

Better to call Saul

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July 11, Monday, RBC

The second part of the final season of the popular drama begins on July 11, and we hope to know that they remembered the name Saul at that time.


Monday, July 11, TBS

My theory is that Nassim Pedrad portrayed an adult high school student in Chad so well that people took his genius for granted, so the show didn’t get the attention it deserved. This is the only theory I have that this hilarious series has been on the radar for so long in its first season.

What do we do in the shadows?

Tuesday July 12 FX:

This summer, my best friend, the vampires from What We Do in the Shadows, have finally returned. I miss them so much.


Thursday, July 14, Netflix

The video game series, which has already become a movie series, I can't get rid of. But it can be yours.


Monday, July 18, ESPN

As a nation, we have forgotten the collective hardships that Derek Jeter has endured. The new ESPN documentary series, which examines Michael Jordan's "Last Dance" project, addresses this issue.

High School Music: The Musical: String:

married. July 27, Disney +

It will be written on my tombstone. "That school music series was incredibly good."


Friday, July 29, Netflix

I find this interesting. Neil Patrick Harris plays a forty-year-old man who turns his whole life upside down when his husband suddenly leaves. This is Darren Starr, the man behind 'Sex City' (yes!) Եւ Emily Paris (oh, but maybe yes?). There is great potential for both tiring ideas and good TV.

The city on the hills

արև. July 31, screening:

Kevin Bacon is starring in a great Showtime drama, and he’s getting less attention than you.

dog repair

married. August 3, Hulu:

Last year was one of the best stories about Cinderella. The FX-produced series garnered all the critical acclaim, eventually winning Best Comedy Award, C Award, Critics' Choice Award, BAFTA, Indie Spirit, Gotham AFI Awards and dozens of critics. He lists the top ten at the end of the year. Don't sleep for two seasons.

I never had

Friday, August 12, Netflix

The Mindy Calling series is very beautiful, very sharp and a lot of fun. It’s the weirdest mid-street series that a teenager can take seriously without humiliation at the moment, but it’s still a joke.

Jana Hulk. Attorney:

married. August 17, Disney +

This series seems pretty weird to move from a sensitive Marvel series to a hyper-aggressive one. It’s a series of real superhero dramas, and it’s definitely new. Tatiana Maslany plays Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who does what she can to save her life after a blood transfusion by Bruce Banner named Hulk (usually played by Mark Ruffal), turning green and gloomy when angry. But it was actually Tatiana Maslany.

Dragon House

արև. August 21, HBO:

A presentation series about a little show called … Let me look at my posts … Game of Thrones. Well, it may be okay with this, but I think it might be okay.

Welcome to Wrexham!

married. August 24, Forex:

The documentary by Ryan Reynolds Rob McClain, who plays for a low-level Welsh football team, has no significant experience. On the one hand, what the hell is fresh Ted Lasso? On the other hand, it sounds like fun.


August 30, Tuesday, July

This is Steve Carell. Patient: Actually, that's not true. He is a healer! Domhnall Gleeson is ill when a serial killer takes a picture of Carell as a hostage. So basically the opposite of office. But for American writers Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, that seems incredibly promising.

their league

Summer TBD, Prime Video:

I’m bored of adapting soap operas from my favorite movies. I don't want to see anyone else! Եւաեւ, ես չեմ կարող, որը ադապտացված ծատապտացվ ծ Leagueատապտալ ֆիլմմ, կատարյալ ֆիլմմ, ատակում ենք պարունակում ենք րունարունակում ենք պարունակում ենք պարունակում ենք պարունարուն

15 ադարըությունները եղանակային իրադարձությունները, նկարահանվել են են տե տե

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