The Foodie Travel Guide To Chincoteague: Where To Eat, Drink, And Stay

Chincoteague Restaurants Where To Eat On The Island

Benedict Crab. Photo courtesy of AJ's on the Creek.

Delicate Chinkatig Island on Virginia's east coast is famous for its legendary wild horses, but offers a relaxing oceanfront vacation for those who want to enjoy summer produce, fresh Atlantic seafood and delicacies on a stroll. . .

Drive or come for a morning coffee in Amarin (6141 Maddox Blvd.) on busy Main Street. Here are all the usual suspects, plus a refreshing iced Vietnamese coffee and milk-colored tea. Then, head to Sandy Pony Donuts (6276 Maddox Blvd.), where you can order sweets with fun flavor combinations like fruit crumbs, honey juice, and caramel bagel juice.

A good choice for dinner would be Ricky's Seafood & Produce (7432 Beebe Rd.), A charming roadside shack offering spiced sandwiches, mussel tortillas, and other fried seafood with crab in a soft crust. Or head to Poseidon's Pantry Gourmet Grocery & Deli (6219 Maddox Blvd.), which offers Italian wrapped tortillas, chili BLTs, fried house cheeses, gourmet and artisanal products.

At Whiteraven's Nest (6382 Maddox Blvd.), you can find local meats and blackberries picked from blackberry bushes and pick up fresh produce from Church Street Produce (6493 Church St.), which sells fresh chopped greens and greens. . and fresh eggs from free-range farming. As for seafood, it's best to drive about 20 minutes from the island to Ray's Shanty (32157 Chincoteague Rd., Wattsville), a guppy-sized market stocked with freshly caught fish.

Afternoon ice cream is a battle between the rainbow of vegan and sugar-free options, including homemade scoops at Mr. Whippy (6201 Maddox Blvd.) and sweet pirouettes at Island Creamery (6243 Maddox Blvd.). For more sweets, Pony Tails Taffy (7011 Maddox Blvd.) – Wonka-style Wonderland – gummy candies in all possible shapes, gummy candies and saltwater irises. Then check out Sun Hour Books (4065 Main St.) to read both great beach books and cookbooks.

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At Sunset, AJ's on the Creek (6585 Maddox Blvd.), Bill's Prime Seafood & Steaks Restaurant (4040 million year old Famous Pizza and Sub Shop (6689 Maddox Blvd.)) you can order daily meals of crispy pizza at a restaurant suitable for the age pan.

Where stay

Airbnbs and private home rentals are the best way to experience the laid-back island sensibility and often include Instagram-worthy ocean walks and sunsets. Otherwise, thanks to child-friendly policies, families are well catered for at Refuge Inn (7058 Maddox Blvd.): swimming pool, hot tub and friendly ponies. Rooms start at $ 125. Pour une escapade romantique, the Channel Bass Inn Bed and Breakfast and Tea Room (6228 Church St.) proposed neuf chambres élégantes à partir de 135 $, ainsi qu'un petit-déjeuner avec des pâtisseries fraîches et a sumptuous tea l'après- Mezzogiorno.

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The 14,000-acre Chinkotig National Wildlife Refuge (8231 Beach Rd.) On Asatig Island is packed with places to spot epic beaches and ponies while leisurely surfing, hiking, and biking through bird-filled marshes. Take a speedboat cruise to Captain Barry (6262 Marlin Street) for a hands-on and exciting educational tour of the vibrant coastal ecosystem.

Connie Zheng Badges. This article originally appeared in the May 2022 issue of Washingtonian magazine.

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