“Theres No Shortcut To Packing Smart” TSA Gives Travel Tips Ahead Of Summer Travel Season

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RAPID CITY, SD – Summer travel season is fast approaching.

Since your summer travel plans can be increased, members of the Transportation Safety Board said you need to plan something in advance of broadcasting.

According to the TSA, it takes about five minutes to cross one of their checkpoints, but they say it could be increased significantly if no one does the necessary research on what you can bring.

So what can you take with you?

Items such as liquids or toothpaste must be less than 3.4 ounces in bags, but larger packages are allowed in billed bags.

Liquid products such as salt and breast milk as well as baby food are allowed as cabin baggage.

"When you cross the line, you have to tell the agent you have more, because it will appear separately," said TSA regional spokeswoman Jessica Malley.

The TSA recommends starting with an empty bag and working from there, especially since you forgot to take something from your previous career.

When Mel appeared at a packed table, the TSA saw what he had seen at Rapid City Regional Airport.

By Reisvenke 10

“In the past few months, all of that has been brought under control, so it hasn’t been that long.” “It gives you an idea of ​​how many of these species we see banned at the checkpoint.”

The final message of the Transportation Security Administration is to make time for whatever comes your way.

"Don't just think about going through the TSA, but [also] park your car, check your bags, you know every step of the way. It's two minutes here, it's eight minutes. It's pretty decent, so give yourself plenty of time," said Mel.

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For a full list of what to bring, click here. You can search for whatever you want to bring by clicking on the link to see if it is allowed.

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