‘Top Gun 3? Only If They ‘Figure Out More Crazy Things To Do With Airplanes


It took only 36 years (and several delays for COVID-19) to reach the halls of the Top Gun entourage. Top Gun: Maverick's Critical 'Choice "was named" Mission: Impossible: Falling "since IndieWire's" Critics' Choice "" ) suggest. how long until next time?

In an interview with rising star Glenn Powell, starring Lieutenant Jake Serezin ("The Hanger"), also known as the modern version of Tony Kil's iconic "Glacier," from Tony's "Scott," it all depends. star and thread. Cruz, but Powell shared some parameters.

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“I think Tom’s main motto is that if you can’t beat the previous films in the first phase, there’s no reason to win them too,” Powell said. "There is no reason to add another film to the world of filmography if it does not add to or surpass the original."

Cruz, translated by Pete "Mayverick" Mitchell as a sea pilot, was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Christopher McQueen and David Allison. (The actor has revealed little in a recent interview at the Cannes Film Festival, but has shown that he is an actor-producer who appreciates his close attention.)

Adrenaline junkies and fans of practical tricks also taught colleagues Powell, Miles Teller, Jay Ellis, Lewis Pullman, Danny Ramirez and Monica Barbara to teach them how to fly airplanes, starting with a single-engine Cessna before mastering them. . many parts of the long formation in flight.

“I put them on a plane that could do stunts. Then a plane where they can get some serious Gs out and feel what it’s like – get out of the catapult seat. On the first day they're in an F-18, they're filming, "Cruz said in an interview with People, calling the film a" true love letter for aviation. "

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the story goes on

Powell agrees that any sequel should follow that mood. "So he's going to be 'Top Gun 3'?" But he's above my salary level. Maybe if you talk to him, you can make him an offer!

Top Gun: Maverick, Paramount Pictures premiere in theaters.

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