Travel And Insurance Make Comeback What’s Changing?

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"Some of the key areas that we have been cautious about are the first and foremost directions," Mackley said while sitting with the insurance business. “When New Zealanders choose where to go, they take into account the COVID situation in the country and how that country handles COVID. Either they decided not to go because they thought the country was not doing well, or because they thought the country was doing well.

“As a result, 88% of New Zealanders believe that the destination name's relationship with Covid will affect their decision to travel to that destination. This is probably the main conclusion we get. Accommodation has become an important factor for customers.

In terms of hospitality, New Zealand travelers are now less likely to stay in budget motels and hotels, with 59% of free cancellation being one of the important factors to consider.

"Unsurprisingly, where kiwis choose to stay is becoming more and more important," he said. And we find that demand for hostels is lower than ever.

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With SCTI's mix of caution and curiosity, "real variability" has become a priority for travelers, with 83% of those getting used to organized activities taking a different approach.

"In our survey, we found that many more New Zealanders are waiting to reach their destination before they can continue to register at that destination," Makelle said. “And many of the epidemics are related to some of the experiences they had when the money could not be refunded.

“In the same way, travel providers are well aware of this and are seriously considering and expanding their market response. I think this is one of the changes we are seeing in tourism. We are seeing a lot of support, especially in the travel insurance sector.

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In terms of coverage, 85% of respondents believe that insurance is important when traveling abroad, and domestic travel insurance is now gaining more attention than ever before.

“Home travel insurance is a new category,” said the insurance business executive. “According to the survey, 51% of respondents have given priority to domestic travel insurance compared to 37% before the outbreak. We are closed in New Zealand and it has happened in different parts of the country or affected the whole country.

"I think New Zealanders are aware that their New Zealand holiday can be canceled and then prosecuted. Sometimes these costs are comparable or even higher if you are traveling abroad.

For example, Mackley said, “Kiwis still pay $ 300 to $ 400 a night at a New Zealand hotel and can pay up to $ 2,000 for flights to New Zealand. The cost of living during a holiday in New Zealand is often compared to foreign holidays, so why not consider travel insurance? »

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Meanwhile, SCTI gained a more active customer base, not through a survey, but through customer experience. The company is currently actively expanding the group, which Machulay said is "guided by the renaissance of the journey" to meet consumer demand.

"Our customers are more committed to their travel insurance policy," he said. We are getting many more "if" questions that indicate that our customers are beginning to interact with their policy documents… We are seeing a huge increase in call volume and an increase in average response time. Due to the level of questions.

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"While we have struggled to manage consumer demand in a short period of time, we are very happy with our customers who are asking questions.

"What we are seeing now is that our customers are spending more time than we would like, but they are surprisingly friendly and kind (compared to the first days of COVID, when people were very confused and angry)," he added. " So we thank our customers for your patience, and we truly thank our staff for their strong and dedicated team.

Last week, Pacific Islands tourist visas opened online, and New Zealand's borders will be fully open on July 31, 23 59 59. The much-anticipated reopening comes two months before the government plans.

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